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Sana Sini, Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Thamrin CBD, Central Jakarta

Bahasa l English All you can eat? This is one of the most interesting options for the Jakarta community. A variety of menus from local to international certainly makes visitors usually interested in tasting all the dishes. This time I would like to recommend one of the buffet restaurants in a 5-star hotel in the Bundaran HI area that is already familiar. Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Thamrin CBD.

The hotel has a restaurant that is also popular. Location on the lobby floor so that it is clearly visible when you enter the front of the hotel area. This restaurant has a very wide and famous with a very large menu selection.
On the front you can find dessert, enter a little inside, there is a Japanese menu, then Chinese food to local Indonesian cuisine. It's a pleasure, reservations using Chope can redeem Chope Dollar points when visiting here. The redeem can be started from:
1. 400 C $ = Rp 100,000
2. 700 C $ = Rp. 200,000
3. 1000 C $ = Rp. 300,000

Amuz Gourmet, Good France 2019, Jakarta

Bahasa l English

Di artikel sebelumnya, kami pernah menjelaskan mengenai Good France yang menjadi festival terbesar untuk melestarikan gastronomi Perancis di 153 negara internasional. Di tahun ini terdapat 21 restoran yang ikut partisipasi dalam festival ini dan salah satunya adalah Amuz Gourmet yang menjadi restoran Prancis terbaik di Jakarta. 
Di Good France 2019 ini, seperti biasa Amuz Gourmet menawarkan sensasi menikmati set menu. Hal yang menyenangkan ketika kami berkesempatan menghadiri preview dinner disini bersama dengan para media Jakarta. Tidak lain, Gilles Marx adalah chef handal di belakang restoran ini. Beliau menjadi salah satu chef favorit yang kami kagumi di Indonesia.
Di acara Good France ini, Amuz Gourmet menawarkan set menu terdiri dari 6 hidangan termasuk amuse bouche dan dessert. Sesuai dengan Prancis, set menu dimulai amuse bouche, hidangan kecil yang biasanya indentik dengan satu kali gigitan. Gougere (puff Perancis) dan mushroom truffle soup menjadi kombinasi yang…

X Wagyu, Kemang, South Jakarta

Bahasa l English

From the name it is easy to guess that this restaurant is specializing in wagyu meat. In fact, X Wagyu serves a variety of wagyu meat preparations to various of dishes from steaks, satay, burger and many others. Built in modern and rustic cafe dining is pretty comfortable for hang out with some mates. Consisting two space area between the smoking and non-smoking bordered by glass wall. Before coming here, of course i used Chope to make an efficient reservation.
The easy reservation feature with a practical application makes me not have to worry every time I want to visit a restaurant. Especially booking at X Wagyu via Chope, you can get a Happy Hour discount of 35%, you know. From Monday to Friday at certain hours, discounts will be applied when you visit there.
Before talking about steaks, a little afternoon snack will be fun like Fried Tempe. This is not ordinary fried tempeh, at first glance it looks like fried tempeh in general, but as long as you know it is fried us…

Good France 2019, Jakarta

Bahasa l Inggris
Kabar gembira untuk Jakarta community. Good France yang menjadi sebuah festival internasional gastronomi yang secara serentak pada tanggal 21 Maret 2019 diadakan di kota-kota besar Indonesia dari Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali & Manado. Ini merupakan event yang sudah ada sejak tahun 2015 diselenggarakan oleh Institut Perancis Indonesia dan Kedutaan Besar Perancis di Indonesia bersama dengan Badan Pariwisata Prancis Atout France.
Sedikit pesan dari Duta Besar Perancis untuk Indonesia, Jean-Charles Berthonnet,"Perayaan Good France pada 21 Maret merupakan momentum untuk mengapresiasi gastronomi Prancis yang tercatat sebagai warisan budaya dunia UNESCO sekaligus mengapresiasi nilai-nilai yang terkandung di dalamnya yaitu semangat berbagi dan kebersamaan serta kepedulian pada lingkungan hidup".
Di tahun 2019 ini, Good France mengangkat tema Provence yang akan menjadi destinasi wisata gastronomi dunia. Dengan tema ini, Provence identik dengan perte…

Young Dabang Soulfood & Soju, Senopati, South Jakarta

Bahasa l EnglishSenopati area is a favorite choice for millennials of Jakarta to spend the weekend with friends. In this area, it is undeniable that there are various restaurants with different types of food and modern concepts. Don't miss Young Dabang Soulfood & Soju. You can guess from its name this is a Korean restaurant.
The location is right on the Senopati highway so it is not difficult to find this restaurant. The interior concept is like a cafe with a touch of bright colors like white and a little wooden brown on several sides. Besides that, it is also decorated with several pictures on the wall with attractive Korean nuances.

The menu offered is a variety of Korean-style comfort dishes that often seen in Korean restaurants in general. But before that, you must try Soju, a Korean distillation drink that is quite popular in Jakarta. A little unique thing where you will be provided with a small glass of soju which is placed on top of chopsticks and a glass of beer, then h…

Little India Restaurant, Kuningan, Jakarta

Bahasa l English Indian cuisine can be an option when you want to taste different foods than normally we have. There are not so many Indian restaurants in Jakarta compared to Western, Chinese or Japanese restaurants. One of the places I visited this time was the Little India Restaurant. Using Chope and booking here provides up to 40% discount benefits.
Little India has two locations, one in the Kuningan and another at Thamrin areas, now this time I visited a branch in Kuningan, more precisely at the Rajawali Tower. Both branches have a similar concept. Kuningan branch, the area is not very large, the location is in an office building so it's not too crowded in the afternoon. Usually restaurants in office locations will be crowded during meal times, especially lunch.
The available menu is quite diverse and it is undeniable that Indian food will be better made by a chef from India, as well as in Little India. A lot of menus but don't need to worry if you are not familiar with the…